Family in rural America

The GreenShoots Foundation

An agricultural term describing the moment when a plant first breaks ground, the GreenShoots name symbolizes the renewal that springs forth after a period of winter, drought, or darkness.

Founded in 2021 by Ted and Cheryl Huffman, The GreenShoots Foundation is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to uplifting people across the social fabric of America.

The “Please Consider Vaccination” campaign marks the first of many initiatives The GreenShoots Foundation aims to advance, with shelter for the homeless, U.S. military veteran advocacy, and increased participation in the exercise of self-government being among the key items on its radar.

Ted and Cheryl Huffman

Ted and Cheryl Huffman’s journey together began more than 35 years ago in rural Arkansas at a high school Valentine’s dance. They have never forgotten the lasting impressions cultivated from growing up in small town America. Through their respective early life experiences, they were forever instilled with the values that they both hold dearly today: community, faith, and living in the service of others.

The Huffmans’ early professional paths kept them on the move. Ted served in the United States Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer, completing deployments to the Middle East, Africa, and Central/South America. Beyond Ted’s military career, they lived in Chicago before moving to New York City where Cheryl worked as a corporate securities attorney. Presently, Ted heads strategic development at a Manhattan-based investment management firm.

In addition to their work with The GreenShoots Foundation, the Huffmans are supporters of advancing the needs of U.S. military veterans and the homeless. They currently reside in Connecticut, where they have raised four children.

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